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Whether it’s sourcing talent or finding the right style of music, we steer clients towards the choices that provide a clear path for successful campaigns.

Audio Post-Production

We work with all areas of sound post-production including editing, mixing, sound design, ADR, and effects.

Talent Integration

Looking for star power to propel your brand into the center of the cultural dialogue? Our music industry experience and carefully cultivated relationships with top executives provide us celebrity access and the expertise required to negotiate the complexities of rights clearances. We curate solutions that match any brand and budget.

Music Supervision

We oversee all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games and other existing or emerging visual media platforms. Our music supervisors can define and deliver musical direction within the financial constraints of any project’s music budget. Our relationships grant us rare access to remixes, advance releases and special licenses.

Writing & Production

Whether in the music industry or advertising, the writing and production is arguably the most critical aspect to the overall project. Our diverse team of writers & producers have a good track record of creating custom music to fit our clients’ creative and commercial visions. We can create any mood, in any style, for any project.

Audio Branding

We help bring your brand to life by creating a distinct and memorable audio identity that expresses its values and personality. Audio branding lends coherence and continuity to your messaging, enhancing brand identity, increasing brand awareness and encouraging consumer engagement.

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